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Diamond – Astrological benefits & Importance (How to Wear)


Diamond is undoubtedly a woman’s first love! But this stunning piece of the gemstone is also having lots of benefits, including health & astrological benefits. As per the age old scriptures and our ancient science of astrology, it is believed that wearing a right and suitable gemstone can bring in significant and positive changes in a person’s life. Therefore, gemstones are ideally considered as an astrological remedy to overcome hurdles and problems in life. One of the gemstones among the list of nine gemstones in astrology is diamond. It has its ruling planet as Venus.

The Appearance of Diamond:

As known to mankind, diamond is the hardest substance that is found on our planet earth and is unbreakable. It is a rare but naturally occurring mineral that is formed by carbon and the most easily found diamonds are found in yellow and brown colours. However, the whole jewelry industry has always favored the colorless diamonds and it is the sparkling colorless, shiny and glittery piece of diamond that has found relevance in the astrological uses and purposes and as the gemstone for the planet of Venus.

Venus as the ruling planet:

The stone of diamond is said to be blessed by having the divine powers and influence of the planet Venus or Shukra as it is commonly known in Hindi, for it is the ruling planet for the same. In astrology, the planet of Venus is considered as a benefic planet and signifies the presence of love, luxury, the charm of life ad all beautiful things in life. Therefore, a diamond is best advised for the people who are and who want to make a career in entertainment and art industry. However, the mystics and astrologers believe that wearing a diamond can bring luck, fortune and at the same time badluck and evil in a person’s life, if it is advised or not advised by examining the horoscope of the person.

Astrological Benefits of wearing a Diamond Ring:

  • As per astrological beliefs, wearing a diamond can help overcome the feeling of inferiority and can increase the level of confidence in an individual.
  • It is said and believed, that the persons who are born under the zodiac signs of Virgo and libra will be best benefitted with the positive results of wearing a diamond ring. Doing so, will bestow them good luck, happiness, prosperity and peace in life in the long run.
  • It is best to be worn by people who are suffering from the creative blocks and who are not being able to express themselves through a medium of arts and creativity such as a writer, painter and an artist.
  • Wearing a diamond ring or pendant can also be helpful in bringing good health to the native and can ward off all the negativity and evil present around in life.
  • In astrological beliefs, a diamond being the gemstone associated with the divine powers of the planet of Venus is capable of bringing luxury, love, beauty and all highest stand of materialistic things in a person’s life.
  • It is often suggested to a person who is suffering from the habit of over thinking, anxiety, nervousness and a bad temper. Wearing a diamond in such condition will bring peace and calm in mind.

How to wear a diamond ring (The Procedure):

  • Before wearing a diamond, please make sure that it is colourless, authentic and is not having any cracks and spots in it. Also, you must note that the ideal weight of a diamond should be ranging from and in between half a carat to 1.5 carats, depending upon the suitability.
  • A diamond ring can be made in silver, platinum or gold as per choice and budget. However, it is important to energize the diamond ring before you wear it.
  • Before wearing the diamond ring, chant the mantra “Om Shum ShukrayeNamaha Om” for 108 times to energize it fully and to yield the best benefits out of it.
  • Ideally, it is advisable for the men to wear it in the right hand in the middle finger, while the women can wear it in the middle finger of the left hand.
  • Generally, you will start to experience positivity and good results after wearing this in just about 7 days.